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how powder coating comes

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how powder coating comes
Latest company news about how powder coating comes

The history of powder coating began in the late 1950s and early 40s for metal and organic polymer powders. A thermoplastic powder coating fluidized bed using a coating method developed by German scientists. Coating method patent is registered in May 1953. 1965 to 1958 are all liquid paint with paint immersion fluid bed. But literally, in the 500 micron film thickness from 150 microns, namely the general functions of electrical insulation rust, mainly used for friction etc.. This 11 year old, CAB, polyethylene, PVC plastic, polyester, nylon coating material is mainly used as chlorinated polyether. At the same time as the thermosetting epoxy resin, for example, use the dishwasher basket (PVC), insulation (epoxy resin), part of the ocean (nylon), metal furniture (PVC, CAB) resin 3 epoxy resin used in powder coating by the basic form of the development of BOSCH, is used as insulating material.

Has been developed in the United States, the commercialization of the United States and Europe from 1962 to 1964, along with film thickness, electrostatic powder coating is now impregnated to prevent liquid diffusion. Electrostatic spraying electrostatic spray gun developed by Sams "shark database siege" will be born, the word becomes more obstacles need to overcome. Basic thermosetting resin, used today, four, in of 1973, in the year of 1966, epoxy, epoxy / polyester, polyurethane, polyester (TGIC) has begun to distribute developed. Powder coating in Germany, 1970 plant from four in 1966, an increase of plant plants into the 51. 6 powder coating since the beginning of 1970s to become the world record rapid growth, but growth will finally settled in 1980. Powder coating up to the time it is very expensive, the thickness is too thick, there are many problems with color changes, baked heat and finishing color depth, out of question many restrictions on the material is owned. Seven

Ongoing research and development of raw materials since the early 1980s, production know-how accumulated paint, powder coating technology improvements, and record growth and become a global scale. A new application area (such as MDF and coil coating, etc.) is expected in the next decades related legislation enforcement and further development of the scope of environmental protection.

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